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Team & Credits

This page is to recognize all those who have dedicated countless hours to make Query Spree possible. Including coding, graphics, support, ideas, statistics, promotion, and testing. We are proud to provide you with Query Spree and hope that you find it useful and valuable. Your usage, ideas, and support have kept this software application and community growing. A special thanks to everyone involved.

Project Core & Guidance
  • Theo - Project Director, Chief Architect, Lead Designer & Developer
  • BKerr - Forum Community Administrator, Report Template Designer & Developer
  • El BastardTM - Flash Signature & EGR Medal Designer & Developer
  • All of you - Testers, Forum Helpers, Advertisers, and Idea Suggesters

Special Thanks & Recognition
  • Bungie / Microsoft - For giving us Halo 2 and providing game statistics online
  • JpGraph - For providing a free graphics library

Help Wanted
We are looking to increase the development team. We need folks that know either VisualBasic, RealBasic, HTML, ActionScript, SQL, PHP, MySQL, or Access. If you are interested please send us an email with your skill set.

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