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Elite Gamer Rating (EGR)

The Purpose
Some of us are a bit disappointed with Bungie's experience rank measure. We feel that it does not truely represent or measure the skill and talent level of a player accurately. We think that a better single measure can be created that will take into account not only wins, but kill to death ratio, accuracy, medals, and so on.

The Sample Size
The EGR uses only the last 100 games that meet these criteria:
- Non purged (means Bungie had full stats for this game when you downloaded it)
- Qualified (means it's a game within a current or past ranked playlist, and not head-to-head, and not a preview type)
- Valid (means it was downloaded with QS 114, not imported from 113)
Training and custom games do not count. Bungie purges medals and hits data quickly so it is important that you keep your database up to date, by downloading once a week or so. Your sample size will always be equal to or less than 100 games. If you have less than 100 applicable games, the sample size will show you how many you currently have, so you know how many more you need to play.

The Formula
The EGR is comprised of three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). First is 'Efficiency', which measures your ability to kill and help your team without being too reckless. Second is 'Marksmanship', which measures accuracy, head shots and consistency. Lastly, is 'Honor', which measures medal variety, scoring, helping out your team in the clutch, and leadership. From a minimum sample of 100 matchmaking, non-purged games, your stats will be analyzed and applied to the formula. The points awarded for each of the three KPIs will be added together to make up your Elite Gamer Rating (EGR). The scale can range from zero, being the worst, to 1000, which is the best but probably impossible to achieve. You can expect an average player to be around 500, with more proficient ones in the 700's.

Maximum score for Efficiency is 500
Maximum score for Marksmanship is 250
Maximum score for Honor is 250

Below you will find the exact logic employed in the EGR calculation.

Some things to note: The efficiency factor (EF) is needed in order to weed out the people who get 5 kills and then hide the rest of the game. Doing so would create a high KApD. So we use the EF to scale it back making the assumption that 20 kills + assists per game is a reasonable goal. The maximum for the EF is 1. The other thing you maybe wondering about the honor factors (HF). The table below shows the values for each of the medals. For the most part we kept what Bungie had, with a few exceptions. These can be modified as well.

Medal NameHonor Factor (HF)
Kill Frenzy8
Running Riot7
Flag Scored6
Bomb Planted6
Triple Kill5
Killing Spree5
Flag Taken4
Double Kill3
Bomb Carrier Kill3
Flag Carrier Kill3
Stick It3
Flag Returned1
Sniper Kill1

The graphs below show how the points are assigned using the functions.

Final thoughts: There are inherent issues with the way medals are awarded as you probably know. For example, you get a flag taken medal for removing the flag from the little cleat on the floor and that's it. Sacrificing yourself to keep the flag alive is awarded nothing. We also do not have the ability to see which kills were made with which weapons, so any kind of enhancement to the marksmanship measure cannot be done. We do believe that with all the data that is available to us, we can further refine these calculations to have a single number to most accurately represent a player's skill. Also note that the EGR is only for a single player. In the future we would like to have a single number to represent an entire clan, but we had to start somewhere. We also want to avoid having EGRs based on game type, as there would no longer be a single number. We would like add a deviation measurement that would see how well rounded a player is based on the distribution of maps played and game types played. That way, someone with only Team Slayer games, would be slighly penalized for not engaging on other methods of combat.

Feel free to play with the numbers in Excel, or post links to this page on forums to spark some discussion. Send any feedback to with the subject of 'EGR calc ideas'.

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