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Query Spree

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Query Spree

  Version: 2.00 Beta 11
  Released: September 25, 2009
  License: Read the license  Freeware
  Platforms: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  Product ID: SR1204SWCF200B11
  Download Now  Download Now

Product Description
With Query Spree (QS) you can easily download and track all of your Halo 3 stats for free! This statistics downloader/tracker will connect to the internet, navigate to and download certain Halo 3 stats for a given Gamertag. Data for all games will be pulled and compiled, not just the last 25. The data acquired will be stored locally in a Microsoft Access relational database. The database can be used as is for ad-hoc querying and analysis, or the data can be exported to an XML file for use elsewhere.

With the release of Halo 3, has been completely redesigned. We have managed to put together a small, limited functionality beta that will download your stats so that you can run some queries against them, support your leagues, and give everyone a starting point to build upon. This beta only downloads data for Halo 3. The goal is to incorporate Halo 2 and ODST at some time in the future. All previous versions of QS no longer work due to changes. This new beta also has a new look and feel and is written in .NET, so that requires you to install the .NET framework if you do not already have it. Chances are that you do have it, but in the event that you don't, the installer will prompt you if its needed. Since this is a beta, with that comes bugs and missing features, so please don't expect everything to work perfectly. As you find issues, post them under the appropriate topic in the Developer Update section of our forum.

Downloadable Files
Full 2.00.B11 Install - QuerySpree200B11F.exe (597 KB)
Update Only 2.00.B11 Install - QuerySpree200B11U.exe (497 KB)

Installation Instructions
  • If you already have a 2.0 Beta installed and you do not want to lose all the data in your database then:
    1. Make backup copies of your database (.mdb) files into another folder, but leave the orginals where they are.
    2. Download the update only installer and run it. After it installs, use the Apply Updates feature under the Help menu.
    3. Open Query Spree, Close Query Spree (this is to initialize your settings and avoid an unfixed bug)
    4. Open Query Spree again and use it normally

  • If this is your first time using Query Spree, or you want to start freash then:
    1. Un-install all previous beta versions of Query Spree 2.0, you may have more than one.
    2. Manually remove any Query Spree files and folders left behind that the un-installer did not remove.
    3. Download and install the full version
    4. Open Query Spree, Close Query Spree (this is to initialize your settings and avoid an unfixed bug)
    5. Open Query Spree again and use it normally

Query Spree was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo 2 and Halo 3, © Microsoft Corporation. Shatterock Technologies takes no responsibility for data or website availability, quality, or quantity. The data we are downloading is stored and maintained by Bungie, and/or Xbox Live, so the task of availabilty and accuracy is soley with them. Bungie has been periodically purging data from their site, and possibly back-end databases. This program will allow you to archive your stats before they become purged, if you are diligent about downloading your data within two weeks of playing the game. As for data that has already been purged, there is nothing we can do to obtain it. Bungie, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Xbox are copyright and trademarks of their respective parties. This progam and website are in no way affiliated with Microsoft Corporation or Bungie LLC.

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