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All the software listed below is supported and available for download and your use.

Data Analysis & Database Utilities
  • Query Spree
    With Query Spree (QS) you can easily download and track all of your Halo 3 stats for free! This statistics downloader/tracker will connect to the internet, navigate to and download certain Halo 3 stats for a given Gamertag. Data for all games will be pulled and compiled, not just the last 25. The data acquired will be stored locally in a Microsoft Access relational database. The database can be used as is for ad-hoc querying and analysis, or the data can be exported to an XML file for use elsewhere.

  • Database Password Sleuth
    With Database Password Sleuth, you can instantly recover the opening password for Microsoft Access 95/97/2000/2002/2003 databases. Simple to use interface, instant recovery, and does not use brute force methods. Just browse your computer or network, select the Access ".mdb" database file and press the get password button. Unlike many other recovery services and programs, this one is completely free!

Programming & Development
  • None at this time

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